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Musicos con 132 – Un Derecho de Nacimiento

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“he who stands for nothing will fall for anything -alexander hamilton. DECLARACION: Este canto, es un canto de fe, esperanza, causa y amor. Nosotros somos músicos y perseguimos nuestros sueños, pero también perseguimos la felicidad de un país que necesita ser manejado con amor. Por un México mejor, por un México que lo vale, por […]

music monday – sistema bomb

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We’ve been listening to a lot of world beat sounds as of late… so for today’s #musicmonday we bring you a track from Mexican, Electro-Jarocho outfit Sistema Bomb. Thanks to Gil from Cosmica Artists for making us hip to this band! [Audio clip: view full post to listen]  

music monday – 424

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We return with our #musicmonday feature after a month long absence. Hopefully you’ve had time to catch up on the old ones and are ready for some cool, new, tunes! For today’s #musicmonday we bring you a freshly released single by Costa Rican Alt Rockers 424. It’s off of their highly anticipated LP  “l’archeologo” produced by Phil […]

music monday – torreblanca

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It’s no big secret that we’re suckers for remixes here at SDE Radio. As of late we’ve heard our share of the good, the bad, and the… unlistenable. For today’s #musicmonday we bring you a Médico Dub Remix of Torreblanca’s Defensa. As if that wasn’t enough… the remix also features femme hip-hopper, Niña Dioz. [Audio clip: […]

music monday – pedro piedra remix

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 Our Favorite Track from 2011, Ciervos, recently got the royal remix treatment from various up and coming remixers from South America. There were enough remixes submitted for just this one song that Astro‘s record label decided to put out an official Ciervos-The Remixes EP. Among these great remixes, was to our surprise, a dub rendition […]

music monday – sick boy

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For today’s #musicmonday we bring you the premiere of Instrumentalist newbies Sick Boy out of Mexico. It’s our first #musicmonday of the year… even though it is Tuesday. Enjoy! [Audio clip: view full post to listen] DOWNLOAD: Sick Boy  – Melancholic If you liked the Sick Boy sound, check out their BANDCAMP.

music monday – los abandoned

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Writing an original Christmas song that holds up against all the classics is a tough task. There’s a reason all the top artists with Christmas albums simply remake the classics. But when a new song makes it into the limited X-mas music playist, we are grateful because it simply means there will be one more […]

music monday – valentin y los volcanes

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 It’s December and the year is coming to a close. While we cannot wait for all the big events and announcement in 2012… we pause for a second to get into the Holiday Season. More particularly Christmas. For today’s #musicmonday we bring you a song about the “murder of Santa Claus.” Which is almost a […]