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Banda sonora for the weekend…

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Astro – Panda: Brand new video by Chile’s most promising band! It’s a little less Lord of the Flies than their previous two videos and a lot more like a European Art film of the 60’s. Also a great video for perverts. Kali Mutsa – El Jardin: A compatriot of Astro’s but exploring a whole […]

music monday – pedro piedra remix

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 Our Favorite Track from 2011, Ciervos, recently got the royal remix treatment from various up and coming remixers from South America. There were enough remixes submitted for just this one song that Astro‘s record label decided to put out an official Ciervos-The Remixes EP. Among these great remixes, was to our surprise, a dub rendition […]

Our Year in Lists: Favorite 30 Singles of 2011

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En el 2011, transmitimos 50 programas en vivo! Dentro cada uno de esos programas, se encuentran playlists de 28-30 canciones… so narrowing down our favorite tunes of the year becomes a daunting task. Luckily, our staff has been growing here at SDE Radio and we’ve learned to keep better records of what we program. Adenlate […]

music monday – astro

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It’s no secret that great bands are coming out of Chile at a faster pace than any other country in Latin America. A stand out amongst this musical growth are electro rockers, Astro. Their sophomore effort expands on the electronic sounds inspired by the cosmos that they introduced on their 2009 debut. [Audio clip: view full […]