Banda sonora for the weekend…

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Astro – Panda: Brand new video by Chile’s most promising band! It’s a little less Lord of the Flies than their previous two videos and a lot more like a European Art film of the 60’s. Also a great video for perverts.

Kali Mutsa – El Jardin: A compatriot of Astro’s but exploring a whole different music realm. Blending Indian melodies and style with heavy beats. This new video is trippy like her sound.

Maria del Pilar – Motivation: MDP is Pilar Diaz’s new solo project. Making her long awaited second album a debut of a new project instead. Unlike her stripped down, acoustic former solo incarnation, this record employs melodic synths akin to the nostalgic jams of the 80’s. The video, much like the other two featured this week… is trippy.