Unhappy Birthday Celebration with the Sweet and Tender Hooligans

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Like them or not, The Smiths, despite their short existence, undeniably impacted a whole generation of music lovers. So much so, that once a year there are those of us that hold our breath right before the Coachella line up is announced, wishing and even praying that Goldenvoice can reunite Morrissey with the Smiths.

But since our prayers have yet to be answered, we turn to… and have been for decades, the next best thing… the Sweet & Tender Hooligans.

The Sweet and Tender Hooligans are the ultimate tribute band to the Smiths and Morrissey. Some might even argue that they are so true to form it’s better than the original. While we personally do not have a point of referrence (i never got to see The Smiths live) we will simply say that the Hooligans in their 20 years of tribute, are one of the most impressive bands in their category.

The group has headlined tours, consistently sold out venues and even put out recorded versions of their Smiths covers. Of course it helps that their frontman, Jose Maldonado takes on Morrissey’s persona during performances so spot on that many have dubbed him “the Mexican Morrissey.”

Every year they also host an “Unhappy Birthday” celebration for one Steven Patrick Morrissey. It’s an event that has evolved from a simple concert on Morrissey’s birthday, to an all out Gala. Complete with special guests, bouquets of Gladiolis, birthday cake and a pause in the show to check and see if the guest of honor actually made it to his celebration.

Morrissey Birthday Show Sweet and Tender Hooligans

Our recommendation is, rather than wait to see if the stars will align and The Smiths will reunite, you go check out the Sweet & Tender Hooligans at the birthday show. This year’s “Unhappy Birthday” celebration will take place at LA’s historic Mayan Theater, May 22nd, and is sure to be a great show.

For more information visit: www.sweetandtenderhooligans.com