New White Rabbits Song in Spanish

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We spend a lot of time on the Radio show talking about bands from Latin America & Spain that choose to sing in English. Breaking it down, dissecting it, analyzing the pros and cons. Even so far as accepting that this, “Bad Ingleesh” movement is producing better music year after year.

Well what about the other side of the coin? Bands from the US that try to sing in Spanish. Sure there’s been a long, long history of patronizing campaigns by US artists attempting the reverse crossover (ie: Dino Latino, Nat King Cole). But recent “Bad Spanish” songs put out by artists like The White Stripes, The Black Lips, & Secret Machines seem genuine in their affinity for the language spoken by almost 10% of the world’s population.

Well today we received this new song from White Rabbits out of Brooklyn and we felt we had to share it with you, simply because it’s a good effort. “Buen intento,” como se dice en otros paises. We still like the song better in English, but it’s a bold move and feel like it should be appreciated.

Que les parece?