Banda sonora for the weekend…

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Soundtrack for the weekend Los Punsetes – Alferez Provisional: A playful and minimalist video from our fav Spanish Punk outfit. It’s the first single from their forthcoming album and makes our anticipation of the new album grow even greater.  Quick little production note: Pablo Diaz-Reixa aka El Guincho produced the video. Thanks to Leah for bringing it to our attention.

Torreblanca – Deje de ser yo: Incredibly put together video… in 3-D!!! (you need those old school blue and red 3-D glasses) You have to admire the artistic ambition of something like this. There’s also a pair of cameos by other leading musicians. See if you can name them all. Torreblanca outdoes itself once again!

La Santa Cecilia – Tainted Love: Los Angeles is quickly becoming a musical hub for talented bilingual bands and LSC has definitely bee a standout amongst this movement. Their live show is tighter than ever and their musical ability to transform covers into soulful mixtures of genres is ever impressive. If you’re in Austin this weekend catch them at Pachanga Fest!