Our Year in Lists: Favorite 10 Music Videos of 2011

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Every weekend for the past two years, we’ve been recommending 3-4 music videos that we like on our “Banda Sonora for the weekend…” feature. It’s one of the more popular features on the blog and it’s personally my favorite.  In 2011 we  saw quite a growth of exploration in the visual arts from bands on our Radio playlists. So we decided to compile our favorite music videos of 2011. Aqui los tienen… (Cuenta Regresiva):

10: 424 – Mapas y caminos: Just a cool looking video that makes us appreciate the intricacies of choreographing something as simple as walking between 4 people on 4 different shots, and then syncing them.

9: Jazzimodo – Castillos en el aire: This quite simple video makes our favorites for just that reason: simplicity. It’s shot in black & white which compliments the retro sound of the song and has a choreographed dance that makes us smile every time we watch it.

8: RigoPolar – Morir en paz: A beautifully shot video featuring the coastline of Baja California. Pa’ que vean que hay mas que Narcos y Spring Break en Baja.

7: Astro – Ciervos: This playful video, ala Lord of the Flies, from the masters of indie rock in Spanish, reminds us that some of the best music out there is still being made by kids… just having fun.

6: Kanaku & El Tigre – Caracoles:  One of our favorites for its use of contrast between image & sound. In this videoclip, an all out brawl at the dinner table juxtaposes the mellow, soothing sounds of Peru’s burgeoning act. Excellent use of both mediums.

5: Kinky feat. La Mala Rodriguez – Negro Dia: An exciting collaboration between two artists of distinct genres that brings a smile to our little blogging faces. Intense after effects & makes our favorites list for actually having both artists in the video. Eye popping!

4: She’s A Tease – Fiebre de Jack: Technically released in the last months of 2010… but such a clever homage to the end credits of the 80’s cult classic, Buckaroo Banzai we had to mention it in our list. Plus i did watch it over and over this past year… because it is that good. Spot on remake with some Monterrey, MX flavor.

3. Dënver – Los Adolescentes: The video for this anthem about adolescence is a visual delight. From the sexual innuendos, to the playful destruction, to the outright exploration of sexuality,  this video transports us back to a care free time in our lives when we would have probably been too scared to watch it while mom & dad were home.

2: Chikita Violenta – Roni: Using the reflexiveness of the documentary style, this music video, creates a story with tension, twists, and a climax. Cutting back and forth between the “music video,” and the “making of.” At one point you’re not sure if this is real or staged. It’s an ambitious undertaking that is cut together well and succeeds.

1: Fauna – Para Mi feat Chancha via Circuito: Fauna’s sound, and that of many of the artists on ZiZek, is an exploration into the vast uncharted electronic territory of Nu-Cumbia. This video personifies that exploration of sound into captivating visuals… and then makes a party out of it! Indulgent… stimulating… perfect.

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