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We arrived in Austin, Tuesday afternoon. Tired from a long and early flight & hungry for some of that ole Texas BBQ! It was exciting to be back at SXSW. We attended the conference last year as press and ran around trying to catch every possible showcase that sparked our interests. But this year the focus is a little different. This year, we are hosts of two different showcases. and we come here to first work…and party second. But tonight was the calm before the storm and we decided, why not party!

We scoped out the venue for tonight’s showcase. Mi Casa Cantina, one of the smaller venues, but centrally located on 6th street. Se va a poner buenisimo esta noche. Then we headed to BMI’s free BBQ mixer at Stubbs. We quickly found out that the party was over… but that special guests the Foo Fighters were playing…. so we went to have dinner at some italian joint down the street with Label head of Cosmica Artists, Gil Gastelum and then headed back to catch a bit of the Foo’s set.

We only stayed for a couple songs, since really the point of SXSW is to catch smaller acts that maybe don’t tour your city often. Those who simply come to catch headliners do surprise gigs are really missing out.

To our surprise, 69 Nombres had been added as a fill in for the Speakeasy show last night. and it was a great warm up to see them before our showcase. they rocked and really impressed the crowd.

Midnight, and we decided to call it a night. Besides I was falling asleep… big day today… so we headed to our rooms and planned out what the next 5 days will hold for us.


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