the SXSW Logs… our feet hurt

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Still on a high from last nights showcase. The response on twitter was heart warming and the support from our peers and fans of the bands was inspiring. Jose Galvan will not shut up about the magnificence of having Gepe & Fernando Milagros playing with Pedropiedra. He keeps ranting about the degree of impossibility that occured, stating that the best promoters would be hard pressed to assemble such a cast of burgeoning stars. We won’t tell him that after having spoken to Gepe for a while he divulged that they will all be backing each other for their own proper shows. We shall indulge his amazement.

Tonight we look forward to seeing She’s a Tease, Rey Pila and the always charming Carla Morrison @ the Naco showcase. We also plan on stopping by Sounds from Spain’s day party to mingle with some tios and tias. There’s always the random band we will stumble upon just walking up 6th street.  Feels like we’ve been doing nothing but walking… it’s actually faster than driving… but our feet hurt.

Lesson learned from Day #1… wear earplugs at all times.