Bomba Estereo @ the Echo

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The much anticipated Los Angeles debut from one of the hottest new bands to come out of Colombia proved to be indeed an explosion of music.
Bomba Estereo, lideres de la nueva cumbia, touched down at the Echo in Silverlake this past Friday night and set the place on fire. The crowd was filled with anticipation and packed tightly into the Los Angeles venue. There were familiar faces in the crowd (if you’ve attended any latin alt shows in the past) and the usual industry types next to the bar and back of the room.
A last minute change in the schedule pushed back the band’s set time about an hour. This was a bit of a relief for the habitual late-comer and yet somewhat of a burn for the punctual fan. Regardless of which of these two categories you fell into once the lights dimmed all was forgiven and forgotten.
One by one members of the band made their way up to the stage. An instrumental reggae dub was offered up but did not pacify an LA crowd that had waited months to see the band live.

After a couple minutes, in walks the front woman Li Saumet, launching into the hip-hop laced cumbia, “feelin”. She stares hard at the crowd as she spits her flow and the crowd reciprocates with dancing force. She dances about the stage with her tomboy haircut and mesh jersey over a bathing suit top. Sexy… in a menacing way.
Rolling through their arsenal of champeta reggea music and electro vacilon, they transform the Echo into one big dancehall. The show comes to a climax with the crowd favorite, “Fuego,” and wraps up shortly after, leaving the dancing mass exhausted and satisfied.
This captivating performance to a sold out crowd makes it more and more difficult to deny that Bomba Estereo are among the new heavyweights in the ever evolving latin alternative sound.

Y grita fuego!

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